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Ohmen - Melons On Ice

Ohmen - Melons On Ice

10 ml Aroma.

Sweet watermelon combined with cold ice.
A bit like taking a bite of a frozen watermelon. But what else?
Doesn't need steeping/breathing. Shake and vape!
( Originally called it rockbitch)

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Basically I've never been a sucker for menthol so I thought I'd pressure myself,
and perhaps in that process win some others that "didn't like" menthol over.
Great ADV on a mouth-to-long tank.
Helped me through quite a few vapers toungue days/weeks.
After a few days (or hits) vaping this fresh mix custards tastes of more...

Ohmen started as a passion. A passion for flavors.
Every concentrate has been tested by several people on both subohm and on mouth-to-lung setups. Tweaking and finding the balance in each juice has taken 6-12 months to get exactly the tones and balance that we wanted.
Wanted to make ADV not highend! Something else.
Thus each concentrate have been vaped, steeped, tweaked and enjoyed by numerous people on different gear and setups over a longer period of time.

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